Minutes AGM 25th May 2012

Minutes of PSSTTA AGM held at The Stage Door of The Pavilion on 25/5/12.

Chairman Rob Chick.

1. Apologies for absence: Bill and Jean Duff, Ann Lee, Anna Bedford, Helga Clarke, Anne Rees, Eileen Mc Ilveen, Rosemary Deere.

2. Minutes of AGM 2011: These were on the website and had been circulated by e-mail or hand copy, were approved. Proposed by John Bunker and seconded by John Berry.

3. Matters arising from minutes: None.

4. Motion to amend the Constitution: RC read out the motion and explained his reason for wanting to change the wording. Alana Davies supported the motion but later said she had misread it. Neil Sumner said that he did not think that it was a good idea to change the constitution as every Association needs 3 principal officers- Chairman, Treasure and Secretary. NS said that, although RC was doing the job of Chair and Secretary at the moment, we needed to look ahead as it would be difficult for one person to fill both roles in the future. Alana Davies asked about the wording in the existing text which says “The management committee shall comprise…… and up to a maximum of four others” wanting to know how they were chosen. John Berry and Caroline David also spoke against the amendment and it was withdrawn. RC said that clearer job descriptions were needed and the matter will be brought back. MH said that he would like to see the number on the committee increased as it was sometimes difficult to get a quorum.

5. Chairman’s Report: RC said that it was available on the website but he read it at length. He also said that Janet Anderson, Lindi Hutchinson and Eileen Mc Ilveen have been looking at ways of changing the format of awards to schools. We are already doing a lot of the things necessary to apply for charitable status and he would like to pursue that. He would also like to host a conference in Porthcawl with like minded organizations in the future.

6. Treasurer’s Report: MH distributed Income and Expenditure sheets and explained the entries. Also summaries of both the current and reserve accounts. We have no debts and small value assets such as wine glasses etc are to be listed. We are not generating much income and would appreciate any fund raising ideas together with more support for the T’Winners Club. Last years’ winners were named as Debbie Chick and Neil Sumner.
Howard Williams asked what the club was. Alana Davies asked about hosting expenses and was told that this year they included such things as entry tickets to the Jazz Festival for our visitors. Caroline David proposed that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted and this was seconded by Richard Rowe. MH thanked Andrew Collier for auditing the Accounts.

7. Membership Secretary: Dave Bush reported that we had had a year of stability with little change in total membership- 79 at the moment consisting of 7 schools, 6 corporate members, 34 family and 32 individual memberships. We still need another 20 to achieve our Chairman’s target of 100 and are urged to go out and recruit. He suggested a bonus for those recruiting new members and a double bonus if the new members were under 65! There is still a problem with late payees but MH has designed a new standing order form which will be available for use post 1st July and will hopefully encourage more people to pay by standing order making the membership Secretary’s job easier.

8. Election of Officers: CD was asked to take the chair. She reported that no written nominations had been received by the closing date of 18th May but the present officers are prepared to stand again. They were elected as follows:

  • Chair - Rob Chick. Proposed by Keith Morgan and seconded by Lorrie Desmond- Williams.
  • Minute Secretary - Ann Lee. Proposed by Caroline David and seconded by Robert Lee.
  • Treasurer - Malcolm Hanbury. Proposed by Dave Bush and seconded by David Anderson.
  • Membership Secretary - Dave Bush. Proposed by Sheila Thomas and seconded by Maureen Howells.
  • Social Secretary - Mary Emment- Lewis. Proposed by Ann Williams and seconded by Howard Williams.
  • Events and Publicity team under the Social Secretary- Lorrie Desmond-Williams and Keith Morgan. Proposed by Mary Emment-Lewis and seconded by Barrie Stephens.
  • Secretary - Rob Chick. Proposed by Neil Sumner and seconded by Janet Anderson. Auditor - Andrew Collier. Proposed by Caroline Davies and seconded by Ian Hutchinson.

CD handed the chair back to Rob Chick.

9. Confirmation of the new Mayor Councillor Alana Davies as President has been received by an e-mail from the Town Council. RC congratulated Robert Lee on his recent election as councillor.

10. AOB: Alana Davies wanted Councillor Jessica Davies to join the committee as one of the extra members. She was informed that the closing date for nominees had passed and such matters were now in the hands of the committee. She also asked the PSSTTA to enter a float in the Porthcawl Carnival. RC said that the committee had considered it but would not be entering a float this year.

MEL reminded people about the Sunday Lunch and quiz on 17 June at12.00 at The General Picton.

We must thank Caroline Davies for standing in to take the minutes in Ann Lee’s absence.


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