Minutes 11th April 2012

Minutes of PSSTTA Committee meeting 11th April 2012 at 28 West Drive, Porthcawl.

1. Apologies: Richard Rowe.

2. Previous minutes: Proposed and seconded.

3. Correspondence: The invitation from SSSL regarding the concert at SSSL has been forwarded to the Town Council. A letter has also been received from the committee of the Jumelage in SSSL regarding an invitation to the Senate.

4. Coffee morning at Mary and Bobby Emment-Lewis’s house: Only 12 people attended and £56 was raised. RC thanked Mary and Bobby for hosting this event. LD queried how much was raised at the Antiques evening. MH confirmed that 27 people attended and £76, including the raffle of £16.50, was raised. It was agreed that the evening was very enjoyable.

5. AGM to be held at The Grove on 23rd May at 7.30: RC stressed that if anyone wished to make fundamental changes to the Constitution they should give notice to the Secretary or Chairman 28 days before the meeting. This is then to be issued 21 days before together with notice of the meeting to all members. RC felt we needed a change of emphasis and scope of the Association and pointed out that there was a need to increase youth and community involvement. The student visit and U16’s rugby tour were good examples.

6. U16’s Rugby Tournament: As the French rugby team are currently visiting us, RC gave us an update on their progress. They have lost 2 matches so far. There have been some problems with hospitality for the teams. RC to ensure that refreshments supplied as necessary. The cup will be presented by the Mayor. KM is taking photos for us! RC has tried to stress to club officials importance of having a plan to raise finance now to enable a team to be sent to SSSL in 2013. Possibly generate support from commercial sponsors of the Rugby Club and then in October arrange the fixtures.

7. Senate visit: RC has informed Joel’s Office in February that our committee and Councillors will be unable to accept the formal invitation for May and asked that the visit be deferred. Apologies were also sent for Cllr Alana Davies. However, since that time 2 members and their wives have arranged to meet up with the french contingent in Paris on the 10 May. It is still possible for members to join the visit but they need to make their own arrangements for travel and accommodation.

8. August trip: MH is researching possible travel options. The cost of coach travel will be approximately £135 if the coach is full. It was agreed that we depart on Tuesday 28th August and return on Sunday 2nd September. RC to send email with dates and payment required in full by end of April. MH confirmed he would collect payments and make travel arrangements.

9. RC discussed progress re Les Amis concert. The Pen y Fai dancers are prepared to come and are happy to pay for their own transport. Otherwise we are still looking for local talent. RC has had no response from Wayne Warlow re local artists and Porthcawl Choir were already on tour. It was suggested we approach the Comp as they have several talented singers. RC advised that the Mayors office in SSSL had stressed the need for performers to be of a certain calibre to entertain the general public. A coach for performers is likely to be provided by SSSL. Performers requiring funding would need to make individual applications to the Town Council and would not know if they had received approval until late June. RC stated that this process in itself would cause difficulties. Further discussion is necessary and there is a chance that we may find ourselves unable to proceed.

10. Events 2012:

  • 24th April Film Night – MEL advised that this would now be held at the Hi tide – 6:30pm for orders and meal, then 8pm approx. for the film.- title to be decided. Cost £6.50.
  • Barbeque – no decision made as yet as there are other events in June.
  • Bastille Day – need to discuss further.
  • Carnival – nothing heard yet.
  • Jubilee Celebrations – 4 - 10 June. Several social events have been organised throughout the year. Events secretary ME-L to update diary and send details to be put on website.

11. AOB: Newsletter 50. RC reported that, unfortunately so far, very few contributions have been received. RC queried uptake of 30 Euros by school students. Apparently no money has been taken up as yet. In the meantime a bulletin would be issued for the benefit of those without access to the web.


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