Minutes 17th Jan 2012

Porthcawl St Sébastien Town Twinning Association.

Minutes of PSSTTA Social and Business meeting 17th January 2012 at The Hi Tide Inn Porthcawl.

1. Apologies: Keith Morgan, Danielle Hanbury, Sonia Wilkinson, Tony Williams, Mary and Bobby Emment- Lewis, Sandra & Peter Townsend, Howard & Judie Williams, Margaret Bush.

2. Previous minutes: Proposed and seconded.

3. Correspondence: A thank you has been received from Robert Snell from the Xmas Tree Festival. RC advised us that 40 information slips were given out during the festival with the Email address of the PSSTTA. A message has been received that Barbara Stubbs is currently in hospital owing to a serious car accident after Christmas. She is now recovering and we will send her a card with our Get Well wishes.

4. Membership: DB reported that we currently have 79 members. 3 were lost due to non-payment and illness. Sonia and Alan Wilkinson joined recently. In total there are 7 schools, 6 corporate members, 41 family members, 25 individual members. DB encouraged us all to find new recruits to try to boost numbers to 100. As it has been very difficult to collect subs last year, he has devised a new form for Direct Debit payments and asked that we pay promptly otherwise.

5. Finance: MH reported that we hold £1512.15 in the Deposit account and £1882.73 in the Current account. However, there are outstanding payments of £481.42.

6. Feedback on the Xmas party and the France Show: The Xmas party was very successful and raised £149 (£96 was raised by the raffle). The T’Winners raffle was won by Debbie Chick and showed a profit overall of £179. MH stressed the need to increase membership of this and will distribute new Standing Order forms to simplify matters. MH stated that the London trip to the France Show was quite successful with 26 passengers including 18 members. Furthermore it raised £69 as we qualified for a free seat. DB thanked MH for organising the trip and added that it had been a great success.

7. Visit to St. Sébastien 28 August 2012: RC stated that we may need to leave a day earlier and it was suggested by MH that we could stay in a hotel on the Monday night. DB thought this might be a good opportunity for a Knees Up! The reception has been confirmed as Tuesday followed by a trip on Wednesday. We believe Thursday evening will be musical performances on the Isle de Loire and Friday night will be the main performance. As this will probably last well into the early hours it was felt that we should depart on the Sunday rather than the Saturday. This will all be finalised in due course. MH is looking into the various travel options. It is difficult to give exact prices until the numbers have been finalised. Any spare seats could be used for performers who will pay for their own transport. When we have more details RC will approach the Council for possible funding to assist any nominated performers. RC to circulate forms to assess interest. We need to sort out who will represent us as performers. RC asked for any nominations and a form was distributed. Porthcawl Male Voice Choir has been specifically requested by the SSSL. RC stressed that we need to ask the Council for nominations and that this should be resolved ASAP.

8. Visit to Paris 10- 13 May 2012: As Joel is now a Senator in Paris, 12 members of the Committee, including 2 representatives from the Council, have been invited to Paris to visit the Senate. The trip will be self-funding and will include 3 nights and 2 days in Paris. The possibility of this becoming a group trip was discussed. RC will write to the Council who can then decide who they wish to send as their representative and will circulate a letter to all members to find out who is interested. MH has had estimates of approximately £400 by coach per couple and £500 by Eurostar.

9. Constitution: RC stated that it had been several years since this had been reviewed. The organisation has expanded in business terms and the Committee has been restructured. RC would like to approach all 12 Town Twinning associations in Wales with a view to holding a conference in Porthcawl. RC would also like to reinforce some of the aims of the Association particularly in terms of fund raising. He believes we need more substance so that we can look at funding in a different way and that we also need to incorporate more young people. RC to produce a form of words before the AGM for members to consider the various points. This will be available from the Website with hard copies for members with no computer.

10. Conference 2013: This was outlined in point 9. Barrie Stephens is currently working on this and he stressed that any extra funding received has to be spent strictly in accordance with the rule and regulations. RC stated that there were risks and these need top be properly managed. The Association would need to ensure sufficient funds are held to pursue such an ambitious event.

11. Upcoming events: Junior Rugby visit. Details in point 12. Technical students from Neath College will be visiting SSSL in April. 4 students from Porthcawl Comp are going to SSSL in February. It was agreed to donate £30 per pupil to assist with costs.

12. Junior Rugby visit from SSSL April 2012. 40 young rugby players & 6 coaches will be arriving 8 April – 12 April and staying at Trecco Bay. CD requested clarification on meaning of word coach. It was explained that it was the human kind as oppose to a type of vehicle. Several matches have already been organised. RC advised the Association would provide a cup for the match between Porthcawl and SSSL. We will support a hospitality night for visitors . NS proposed £300 and DB seconded. Hopefully the rugby club will also contribute. RC to discuss with club. RR has contacted club with a view to using it as a training ground. RC stressed that we need to keep having fund raising events to keep our coffers topped up.

13. Football Tournament May 2012: Unfortunately this has been cancelled, as Porthcawl was not organised in time.

14. Events Calendar 2012: This has not been finalised to date. MEL is currently in USA. LDW stated that they planned to organise 1 event at a time. RC stated that we must have an events calendar and that e-mail has been sent to MEL with most events and dates. He promised to forward all relevant emails to LDW. Next event is an Antiques evening at The General Picton including supper. There is no need to bring our own antiques! Forms are available on the website to download for meal choices and should be returned by 13 February. Hard copies to be sent to members without Internet access.

15. Next Newsletter – Issue 50!!!!!! RC wants something special for this issue and is inviting more long serving members to submit articles/photos to create a bumper edition. Deadline is February.

16. AOB: RC stated that in the past PSSTTA has presented an award for the best French student by way of a shield and cheque. Two of the schools have shown little interest in recent years the one cheque awarded wasn’t even cashed. RC feels the award should be broader and perhaps include arts/business/European studies paper or a cultural aspect. He plans two prizes and that the schools do the first vetting . PSSTTA would make a final decision and award two prizes of £50 prizes.

17. The AGM is on the 23 May.

18. DB thanked Danielle Hanbury, on behalf of the PSSTTA, for organising the Xmas tree festival. Pencoed TTA is holding a meeting 26 January at 7.30 in Pencoed Welfare hall. RC also thanked Rob Lee for his continued commitment and the fact we could show 8500 hits on the website in 7 months.


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