Minutes 7th Dec 2011

Minutes of PSSTTA committee meeting 7 December at Porthcawl Rugby Club.

1. Present: Rob Chick, Dave Bush, Richard Rowe, Robert Lee, Ann Lee, Malcolm Hanbury and Lorrie Desmond-Williams.

2. Apologies: Barry Stevens, Melanie Weaver, Mary Lewis, Danielle Hanbury.

3. Previous minutes: These were unanimously approved and accepted.

4. Correspondence:

1. Letter of resignation from Secretary was read out by RC. It was decided that we should present Caroline with a bouquet or something similar at the Xmas party.

2. A card has been received from an Irish councillor which was very complimentary towards the PSSTTA stating that it was a very professional organisation run on a shoe string with a very effective website. A set of 6 cd's about Ireland was sent as well.

5. Christmas Party at the Rest 16 December. Programme for the evening was discussed. Sounds Familiar have sent their programme. RC to ensure that it doesn’t overrun. Need to check with RC before donating any raffle/auction prizes. Sound system for music/dancing at end of the evening not yet sorted out. RC to check with Rest Home to see if they can assist. MH to get hats for Elves. Lindon to sort out Santa’s sack. Possibility of auction/tag idea as a fund raiser. Concern from DB that there would be too much fundraising. MH talked about numbers. 47 attending so far. Discussed possibility of further invitations to councillors etc. to boost numbers. Parents to bring presents for own children. RC to organise flowers for Caroline. Programme for the evening had been drafted.

6. Proposed trip to France Show January 2012. RH confirmed 20 definite so far with 6 more potential participants.

7. Members’ social and business meeting 17 January 2012. The Agenda was discussed and will include next year’s trip, reinforcement of the Constitution with regard to the development of the educational side of the Association, review of the awards for schools and the 2013 Event. RC requested any ideas for entertainment to liven up the evening.

8. Biennial Visit to SSSL 28 August 2012. RC informed us that there will be an official reception 28 August. Twin towns from Rumania and Hungary will be joining us and it will be their 5th and 10th anniversaries respectively. 29 August there will be a choice of trip involving all 3 visiting countries. 31 August there will be a big concert on the Isle de Loire. Each country will display their talent. RC stated that we will need to suggest acts and decide who will represent us. The council would be informed and consulted prior to any final decision. Artists will be hosted but will have to pay for their own transport. Approximate travel costs are £180 pp via ferry/coach. MH to obtain quotes. Enquiries to be made about obtaining financial support from the council. LDW suggested that we contact Porthcawl First Forum to seek support.

9. Junior Rugby visit from SSSL April 2012. RC informed us that the trip would finally be going ahead. 40 players and 7 coaches would be arriving 8 April to 12 April and would be staying at Trecco Bay. RC asked PSSTTA to support a hospitality evening during their stay. The possibility of sponsorship from local rugby clubs / Ospreys was discussed. RR to liaise with these clubs if possible. RL to investigate linking from Porthcawl First to PSSTTA website, with a view to fundraising. MH suggested the possibility of sponsorship from local business.

10. Events Calendar 2012. MEL is currently drafting an events calendar. An events team has been set up to organise events and a final draft will be issued in due course.

11. News Letter issue 50!!!! RC requested extra contributions possibly from councillors. Anything that would add interest!

12. AOB. A Sixth form trip has been organised by Valerie for 10th February 2012.

The French mayor has suggested a Skype link with us. RC to set this up. Joel Guerriau, who is now a Senator in Paris, had initially invited the committee in 2010 to visit the Senate in Paris. A date of 11th May 2012 is now to be confirmed by RC. The Mayor will show us around the Senate building and SSTTA will organise a hotel for all, along with local transport. The trip will be self-funded. He has stressed that the Mayor and Consort and Alana Davies and Consort must be invited first. There was some debate over who will actually be Mayor at the time as the changeover is early May. As it is apparent that demand for this trip would exceed places, MH suggested a general trip to Paris over this period where selected members only would attend the Senate visit.

Pencoed are holding a social evening on the 9 Dec – see Email. If anyone is interested they should contact them direct.

MH stated that there are currently 28 members of the T’Winners Club so prize money will be the same as last year - £175 total.


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