Minutes 2nd Nov 2011

Minutes of Committee Meeting held at the Hi Tide Inn 2 November 2011.

Present: Rob Chick, Dave Bush, Richard Rowe, Rob Lee, Mary Emment-Lewis, Malcolm Hanbury and Danielle Hanbury.

Apologies: Barrie Stephens, Keith E Morgan, Caroline David, Melanie Weaver, Cllr Barbara Stubbs.

Previous minutes: These were unanimously approved.

Secretary’s report:

We hoped to be represented at the Remembrance Service on Sunday 13 at All Saints Church.

We were not represented at the Civic Fund Quiz night.

A cheque for £21 had been sent in respect of the Remembrance Wreath.

Christmas Tree Festival – source of tree to be agreed.

Action: Danielle will organise decorations.

Financial Report: Total balances held amount to £2723. The T’Winners Club would be given further promotion before the Christmas Draw. After membership subs of some £662, this was our biggest income source.

Income from events: AGM £20, Bastille Night £186, Cheese & Wine £110, European Languages Day £82.50. The only loss recorded being £26 for the Film Night.

Membership Report: I unpaid member, I resignation. The committee needs to reinforce the need for a standing order to reduce the administrative burden. Dave was thanked for all his efforts in chasing up this major source of income.

Proposal Trip to France Exhibition London 2012. The committee discussed the proposition but it was felt that a day trip was not feasible after considering the costs of the coach and entry. There would also be limited time available for the exhibition after allowing for travel time. MH would do some more homework. It was also suggested we consider a French meal at a restaurant in Swansea for a January 2012 meeting.

Action: MH and MEL to investigate each proposal and report back.

New Events 2012.

1. Porthcawl Carnival – It was agreed we would progress the entry of float in next year subject to further investigation and costs.

Action: DH to report

2. Beaujolais Day 15 November 2012. It was agreed that subject to member feedback the date would be added to our calendar for 2012.

Action: RC to report.

It was agreed that so far as possible we would include all this year’s events in the new calendar.

Town Twinning Convention. RC reported that there were some 12 other French TTA’s in Wales. Although he was aware there had been gatherings in the past he and Barrie S. had been looking into the possibility of EU funding to hold an event in Porthcawl during 2013 at the time of the SSSL visit. This would involve other TTA’s and their EU partners. Purpose and objective were outlined and this would include not only the social elements but possibly schools with art and cultural exhibition/competitions and some more serious lectures on the EU politics, financial matters, history and other elements or perhaps a more focused theme e. g. Music and art. This could not be done in isolation and would require full support of the Council. We would also need to consider the financial and other risks.

Action: RC/BS to investigate the feasibility and prepare draft outline of what such an event would entail.

Film Night. The film was agreed as Romauld and Juliette having been viewed and approved by the panel RC/DH. The charge was to be £10 with meal and a £3 entry for students excluding the meal.

Action: MH offered to coordinate numbers and collect payments.

Action: RC to finalise menu and organise RSVP for members.

Christmas Party: A three course meal has been agreed. After discussion it was agreed that the ticket cost would be £21 to include a £1 tip and £2 towards entertainment and other costs. Programme to include Sounds Familiar, Father Christmas (Lyndon Ingram), raffle, short auction and after dinner music. There would be presents for young children.

Action: RC to finalise programme. MH to coordinate returns and payments.

Future Topics.

RC Would like to consider proposals for review of Annual schools awards because of the poor response. Possibly combine prize money. Open competition to be a 'French connection" not just language subjects could be anything from art , music to history or politics. Proposals to be presented to a members business meeting.

Confirm a charitable donations policy and review constitution to broaden community issues - look at geography, EU, politics, sustainable projects.

Action: RC to prepare proposals for business meeting + invites comments via webpage.

Any other business:

Porthcawl Royal Jubilee Celebrations: RC advised that work was progressing on the information requested by Keith Morgan and that Alana Davies had also now been contacted regarding her role in first choosing SSSL as a partner.

MEL advised that she thought that 2012 was also 100Th Anniversary of the Grand Pavilion and that there was a Jubilee committee organising events, she would look into our being invited to contribute with representation from PSSTTA to be agreed.

Action: to report back.

Visit 2012. RR raised the issue and discussion took place on the options for date of visit.

Action: RC to contact VS – SSSL and confirm August date now acceptable but in future wish to see evenly spaced visits.

Students - La Baugerie SSSL. RC reported that Neath College was travelling to SSSL in the spring of 2012 and he had suggested to the organisers the possible inclusion of students from Bridgend.

Secretary: DB raised his concern that we still had not received any response to our request for a volunteer to assist with the role. MEL volunteered to stand as social secretary (to publish calendar, confirm venues and co-ordinate arrangement for events) and RL would approach his wife Ann to act as minute secretary. (It can be confirmed that Ann has since offered to step into this role). We thank them both.

RC thanked Rob Lee our Webmaster for attending what was his first meeting and apologised for not doing so at the outset.

The meeting finished at 10 pm.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 7 December 2011- venue to be confirmed.


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