Agenda 03-10-12

Porthcawl Saint Sébastien Town Twinning Association

You are requested to attend a committee meeting at the Hi Tide Inn Porthcawl (upstairs room) at 7pm on Wednesday 3 October 2012. Please read and bring your own copy on the minutes from 20 September 2012. Copies will only be available for non-email members.
At this meeting we need to decide on the key elements of our future programme and business meetings, identify member/associate responsible for each event and clarify required actions e.g. venue, catering, promotion and costs/charges.

1. Apologies.
2. Correspondence.
3. Financial report . Consider refunds to MC/NC – coach charges.
4. Membership report.
5. Pétanque/Boules project. NT
6. Schools Programme – student exchanges. MW
7. Music exchange with SSSL school windband. RC- JB
8. Janet Anderson’s report on proposals for revised schools competition.MW
9. Reindeer project. ALL
10. European Languages Day (deferred from Sept.)– venue and format? Combine with C&W night – nom. wines and cheeses.
11. Interim events – 20 October Cheese and Wine evening 6:30pm @ 28 West Drive.
12. Beaujolais Day November 2012.- Options
13. Proposed football U 15’s tournament – RC
14. Proposed U16’s rugby trip to Basse Goulain. RR
15. Christmas Party – venue and format.
16. Christmas Tree Festival arrangements- Rotary/Town Council. RC
17. Proposed creation of Boules pitch at Griffin Park
18. Next years visit – planning – project? – Brainstorming!
19. The 15th Anniversary 2014.
20. France Show 2013.
21. AOB.

Apologies to Rob 782292 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it